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certification happens. and there is a statement from the pent fon saying we'll comply and are taking steps to inform the field of the order, it applies to america's gay troops serving in the world. now, there is a question, will the pentagon appeal to the u.s. supreme court? gay activists dmot think so. that statement from the pentagon also seems to suggest that there will not be an appeal. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and it's been nearly four full days now since a fishing boat went down in the sea of or the yez, family members are holding out hope missing loved ones will be found alive. here are the pictures of the six of the seven men still unaccounted for. and they were on board the boat on sunday, so far, one person is confirmed dead.
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a 65-year-old from stanislaus county. crews resumed with a coast guard c 130 joining in. they've covered a thousand square miles with no luck. conditions have been good. >> it's hard to visualize something on the ocean. from about a thousand feet in the air, which is approximately the height of the c 130. with conditions we've had, it's been flat. it makes it -- the search ability very good at this point. >> coast guard officials say chances of finding anyone alive are growing slim but say the water is warm, and that someone could survive for days if they have fresh water to drink. >> and in a time with fire department as cross the bay area are cutting back, alameda county welcoming two dozen new firefighters to its ranks, including some that were
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recently laid off. >> well, while fire departments around the bay area have been cutting their forces, they've been closing stations here in alameda county. the department has been growing and picking up firefighters from elsewhere who have lost their jobs due to cuts. foremost of the 23 firefighters, these mock emergencies are a chance to show off for family and friends. they learned in 16 weeks of training. and this represents a new beginning in a career that recently rejected them. one of three new alameda county firefighters that were among 49 laid off last summer from the san jose department. >> this is what i wanted to do. a piece of me faltered away. i put eggs in one basket, so to speak. >> alameda county is one of a
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few departments that is growing in these tough times that. is due to the department contracting with cities like newark and union city that abandoned efforts to sustain their soofs some of it is timing. there are retirements and we've been able to take on a number of new jurisdictions part of a regional model and sharing those costs, you're able to preserve the funding for firefighters on the streets. >> and the firefighters from san jose went through academy, they worked on the street there for a year. all three went through 16 weeks of training. the chief told me it's important to make sure everyone is on the same page, as it were, in a real emergency. >> and is there any others laid off in alameda county? >> there is one from redding.
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it's important to note there are only 23 spots and nearly 2000 people apply sod a lot of competition and a lot of firefighters have been laid off among those 2000. >> wow. and this will be a new oakland police department but that not not mean better. the chief unveiled a plan to reorganize today. and we're live outside of the police headquarters. what does this mean for people that live there? >> the scheefz residents will see more crimes solved here and a better public response, but really a lot of this remains to be seen. there are fewer officers today because of cuts and those here will be doing more work under this new reorganization. >> we wanted to build an organization to get that under
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control to put our resources where we can get bang for the buck. >> if it sounds like the chief is bargain shopping, in a way, he is. by trying to figure out how to get more out of his police force with less money and fewer officer autos that unfortunate part is that we don't have capacity to deal with demands in the city. >> a top to bottom department reorganization begins to take affect this weekend. and oakland residents will see a difference. starting with the elimination of the entire motorcycle force. in addition to their regular patrol duties, officers in cars will respond to all traffic calls. and there are moyer officers patrolling high-crime east oakland, and many walking the beat at least four hours per week. all searches for fugitives will fall under a major crimes unit, officers specializing in individual crimes will be retrained to learn how to investigate all major crimes,
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one of the violent cities in the country now has just 636 officers on the force, police expect that number to drop more and for crimes to go up this summer. the chief says opd swril a new focus. >> and our focus is going to be dealing with homicides and violent crimes. >> the community will see quickly, given the fact that traffic is such a huge entity in this city. >> now, residents will see many of these changes taking affect on saturday, as they relate to patrol cars here in oakland. many other changes like the new major crimes unit taking place in august. >> it's hard to imagine a police force with no motorcycle, though. what will that mean? >> the chief says that residents aren't going notice a difference, that is not
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going to impact traffic enforcement, but that is hard to imagine given reality on the streets meaning officers are going to have to start doing traffic enforcement. so you can see how it could sort of fall to the wayside here. >> thank you. >> and gang violence was the focus of a day long conference that brought federal, state and local law enforcement together. the east palo alto police department hosted it with the hopes of formulating a plan to target gang member autos we'll do a calling and we'll bring them in, making clear to them the community and the key components will not tolerate the violence, they'll be offered opportunities to get out of the gang and community assistance. >> this follows a fatal
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shooting of a 3-month-old baby. investigators believe the gunman mistook the baby's parents for gang members. >> the government warned all airlines some are considering implanting explosives, so called belly bombs but say there is no inzwrenls of a specific plot. the traigs says peopl people -- spraigs says there may be additional screening at airports. an official says placing explosives inside people to hide bombs is not a new idea but intelligence points to a fresh interest. >> the federal aviation administration just released audio recordings from a southwest air lines plane with that six-foot hole ripped in its fuj laj in april. we're hearing back and forth between air traffic controllers and pilots. >> southwest flight 812 cruising at 34,000 feet near arizona-california border when the roof ripped off, leaving a gaping six-foot hole.
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passengers could see daylight it was frightening. >> as the just-released audio recordings reveal, the pilots knew there was a major problem and had to bring the plane down, fast. >> southwest 812, is that you? >> on board, the 118 passengers grabbed their oxygen masks and the pilots forced down the plane a terrifying 20,000 feet in less than five minute autos probably going to turn around to go back to phoenix. >> apparently we've got a hole in the fuj laj -- huge lauj in the back of the airplane. >> you might -- there is a five zero miles. >> we'll take them. >> air traffic controllers and southwest pilots worked together to bring down the crippled plane plane and no one was hurt. the investigation continues, but as abc news reported it appears a manufacturing defect caused the plane to peel apart.
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>> so calm under pressure. >> it's remarkable. >> nice day out there today. >> yes. and spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> they're calmer than us in the weather office. the pattern is similar, so this evening will be mild to warm, and mainly clear skies inland and there is fog at the ko. fingering fog in the morning and there is warm, not so hot not like not so hot sh but not so hot like it's been last couple days. there are highs up to 92 inland there. is further cooling coming our way. >> thank you. >> and also ahead... where you'll be able to watch curling in 2018. the host city for winter olympics has been announced. >> sushi made from raw meat. it's big in japan.
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really. and a vital shift might be part of the reason why. >> research could mean you'll never have a painful sun burn again. >> outside, skyway heading for lower deck of the bay bridge, you can see traffic is crawling along. back in a moment.
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british researchers discovered a substance causing sun burn pain, offering hope for a treatment to some day block it. researchers have found elevated levels of a certain protein in painful sun burns, blocking affects in rats relieves pain. researchers caution that sun burn plays an important role,
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warning to you get out of the sun. >> there is a big trend in japan that might turn your stomach, restaurants serving raw meat business. they're doing great business. and this reflects a shift in japanese society. >> horse meat, pork and chicken says the chef, all raw, and uncooked. double down by eager customers packing meat sushi. no fish is allowed and in an odd way, the battle between meat and fish parallels the japanese battle of the sexes. iya goes raw three times per. i'm a carn volume -- carnivore girl, a contrast to the so called herbivore boys. born out of two decades of the economic stag nation,
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traditional masculinity and career don't drive herb yi vors. and with one of the lowest birth rates, they have fear autos what is a carnivore girl? >> carnivore girls are the reaction to herbivore boys. it's up heaveal of the genders says this girl this, restaurant manager, sensing a marketing opportunity talks up his new raw meat sushi bar. >> this is trendy. >> say that, he says, we're riding off the buzz of the carnivore girls, half of the customers are women. the restaurant expanded to four locations, now looking into franchising. >> trends or not, since we're talking about handling and ingesting and serving the raw meat, it begs a question sit safe? well, japan has some of the highest food safety standards in the world.
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this restaurant says in eight months it's been open, it's not a single reported case of food poisoning. and there have been scandals. four people died after eating spoiled raw beef, prompting this restaurant to talk raw beef off the menu, sticking to raw horse meat, chicken and pork for now. >> and this morning, we learned which city will host 2018 olympics. south korea defeated munich germany. and south korea large crowds celebrated by waving flags and setting off fire works. it will be the first city outside of japan to host the
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winter games. >> and now did it feel cooler? >> and breezy, too. and there is a live view now from mount tam camera. did we change the shot? we did. that is our sutro camera, looking forth and there is a satellite of weather conditions this afternoon. there is a triple play here, or the trifecta. fog, heat and thunderstorms. and there is is a live image of storms from mammoth to reno. and tahoe had thunderstorms yesterday. and there is is towards reno,
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still rumbling. there is a line of powerful storms continuing to rumble throughout the late afternoon hours. and back here in the bay area sunny skies and calm conditions and a couple hot spots inland. it's 99 degrees now in antioch. 98 in livermore. mid-90s in fairfield. and 72 in oakland. 61 in half moon bay. highlights, coastal fog, again, tonight with mild low temperatures again. heat eases up again, inland tomorrow, cooler area wide by weekend. overnight tonight we'll see coastal fog again. drifting just a tad, low temperatures ranging from mid-50s to the mid-60s and on we go to the atmosphere to show what's happening by way of satellite. we still have that onshore flow that is getting steadier. gradually, we'll see that sea breeze becoming more forceful and more of a cooling affect. and there is fog pulling back
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to the coastline like today and yesterday. ending up with a familiar pattern, high temperatures near the coast into 60s, 70s around the bay. 80s to 90s in inland locations and we don't expect upper 90s and no triple digits. high temperatures low to mid-80s, and right around 60 degrees on the coast. downtown san francisco, 6 atomorrow, 61 into sunset district. highs ranging from low 80s to low 90s, near east bay highs into 70s up to about 80 in fremont z inland east bay, upper 80s to low 90s. near the bay we'll see low 70s near the bay. upper 80s to 90s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling continues and by the time sunday arrives we'll see highs into mid-80s, around the bay, mid-70s.
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58-60s on the coast. >> nice. great spencer. >> and an american idol cast off is getting ultimate revenge. >> music news is a big news today. and there is a where we caught up with tia and it seemed back then, she knew big things were coming up. >> there is a time to make sure that this show opens so many doors for you. have you to work hard. i have been. >> yechl you have. and it's paid off, big. the debut drops july 12th. the group lady antebellum has something to sing about now. the lady of the group got engaged over the 4th of july weekend.
4:21 pm
and chris is on the h 20 tour. forbes released it's list of highest-paid actresses in hollywood. angelina jolie is the year's top earner, earning $30 million boosted by her film "salt". not far behind are sarah jessica parker, jennifer aniston and reese witherspoon. for your big entertainment news visit >> do you recognize this preppy person? he could be the key to finding a piece of art work stolen in san francisco. >> why a sobriety test may northbound order before purchasing puppies. >> and rolling back limits on government home loans.
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the fbi is investigating the case case of a stolen picasso in san francisco. a man made off with the sketch from the winestein gallery. police got a clue about who may have stolen the drawing. a camera captured a man carrying what looks to be the picture as he passed by lefty
4:25 pm
odoule's restaurant. >> it's high res shugs. i'm sure it's they focus they can find them. we want to catch this guy. >> and there he is again. this drawing is worth about $200,000. investigators say they've talked to the cabby. the cab has been impounded as part of the investigation. >> and a growing number of new york city pet stores are banning drunk puppy buying. and workers say they tend to stumble in after happy hour, purchasing a puppy without thinking. and police say they'd rather lose a sale than send a puppy into an unsafe situation. >> and coming up, battle of
4:26 pm
the heavy hitters and another big name in the valley. >> that feeling should not be something that is used as a gun against the head of the american people. >> and from mount tam, we can see fog continuing to push through, asergt cooling influence. will get cooler by the day and i'll have the forecast coming up shortly. [ male announcer ] using frontline plus
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shows your pet you care by unleashing a complete killing force against fleas and ticks. and not just adult fleas. what makes frontline plus complete is that it breaks the flea life cycle killing adults, eggs and larvae. and it keeps killing fleas and ticks all month long. that's why it's the #1 choice of vets for their pets, and yours. unleash a complete killing force in every dose of frontline plus.
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we're using the best technology that is out there. >> and couple of glitches there during the big announcement about a new feature on face book. >> david louie is live in palo alto. david? >> and facebook is the largest social network with 750 users now. it's having to catch up with google and others. new features announced today will likely engage users more. >> there is mark zuckerberg hinted this is just the first of a series of features.
4:30 pm
it focuses on driving more use of social media in the next five years. he's projecting a spike. >> if you put that forward it will be statistics in so far about twice as much as today a year from now. >> and new features include group chat a built to invite friends and there is a side bar of your contacted friends showing status and availability. and and and there we go. >> for now, it's only one on one video chats, but group chats might be down the road. using skype video conferencing service. >> we're building a plug in for facebook ourselves. they saw skpilt liked i had it and said we'd like to use that ourselves to offer to it
4:31 pm
facebook user autos and they expect calling by and will triple because of facebook. >> and they handle 300 million minutes of video per month. facebook has 750 users globally. facing competition from google. and owe two large players coming strong in their corner meeting in the middle. >> and it shouldn't take more than 30 seconds and sit available now. >> and president obama has conducted town meetings through facebook, now, through twitter, jack dorsey moderated today's session focusing on the economy. and co-founded san francisco company. abc joins us live from washington, d.c. with more on the efforts to go beyond main
4:32 pm
stream media to reach the public. karen? >> good afternoon, president obama is not exactly a prolific twitterer. he sent a tweet last week. the white house tries to reengage younger jortz officials sate campaign will be using social media as an important part of the strategy. president obama kicked off his first twitter town hall with a tweet of his own. >> i am toing to make history here as the first president to live tweet. >> over the next hour, the president took questions on a range of issues from taxes to housing, to the space program. he got a question about job creation from a familiar fo ee. our next question comes from someone you may know this, is speaker boehher. >> there gou. >> the questions were limited to the standard 140 characters. the president answers? not so
4:33 pm
kons yis. >> i know twitter, i'm supposed to be short. >> the president issued a warning to republicans about the ongoing deficit negotiation autos the debt ceiling should not be used as a gun against the heads of the american people to extract tax breaks for kor rit jet owner autos tomorrow, the president sits down with house and senate leader from both parties, they're trying to reach a deal before the nation hits its credit limit. >> and there is a big comprehensive proposal here that addresses this debt problem that we have. >> and republicans insist they'll not support tax increases to reduce the deficit and there are new signals they might be open to closing tax loopholes. and that is something
4:34 pm
president ob yaum has been pushing for. >> he wasn't the only republican that tweeted the president, was sne. >> others tried to get a question in there. there was a slew of republicans who put a question on twitter with the tag ask obama. and they wanted this to be more of a sampling. tomorrow, top republicans will have a chance to get directions to the president heading down to the white house for negotiations on the debt keeling. >> thank you, karen. >> dozens of people back home tonight after a gas line break. authorities evacuated 11 homes from when a crew doing replacements ruptured a two-inch line around 10:00.
4:35 pm
it took crews two hours to cap the leak. >> a group is worry aid pipeline explosion could happen there. the group healthy community research says pg&e is ignoring the development around major lines saying heavy trucks will cause heavy violations and claim they've not produced records. >> it would take out homes, 575, just gone. >> a spokesperson he told abc 7 an inspection has taken place, and the assessment of the result still ongoing.
4:36 pm
and by revealed they'd not taken into consideration urban developments. >> and saying he can't believe what happened since the verdict. >> you know, i'm sorry and people are shocked. >> why he says there was no choice. >> and the lawsuit over a street sign. >> and checking traffic, there is a gorgeous shot. and 680 moving along. >> air traffic moving along nicely throughout the country. and denver airport is reporting delays up to 45 minutes and there is delays because of thunderstorms activity. and la guardia up to an hour, at jfk, stacked up and backed up. one hour to three hours, we'll
4:37 pm
take a look at our slowly unfolding cooling trend. the news
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4:39 pm
casey anthony could be freed from jail as soon as tomorrow morning. one juror is speaking about the verdict. an orlando jury found anthony not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. she faces sentencing on lying to investigateors but has been in custody three years now.
4:40 pm
the judge could let her go on time served. one alternate juror spoke today. >> the prosecution did not present the evidence that showed that caylee had been murdered. they didn't know a motive. and finally they did not show, you know, how caylee had died. >> the 12 jurors have not spoken yet, but tonight abc interviewed one juror from the trial. casey anthony, not guilty inside of the bomb shell verdict. the prime time night line special airs at 10:00 right here on abc 7. >> the perjury trial of roger clemens got underway today. big names in baseball being mentioned. clemens is accused of lying under oath. he told a house committee he never used performance enhancing drugs. lawyers say they may call wade bogs, a former pitcher to testify in his defense. jury selection expected to
4:41 pm
last throughout next week. and an atheist group is threatening to sue over a street sign honoring firefighters killed in the september 11th attacks. naming seven in heaven way. the group new york city atheists claim the word "heaven" violates the separation of church and state. >> and still ahead, cash is the past. new treasury department findings show americans don't want fat wallets. >> something may change the image you conjure when thinking of gamers. [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family.
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10 pieces of the world's best chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day. today tastes so good.
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gorgeous look at san francisco now. you can see downtown and bay bridge, east bay there. there is a cooling trend starting to take place. spencer will have the rest of the forecast coming up. >> and fat wallets so 90s. the "new york times" reports the number of dollar bills rolling off government presses has fallen to a modern low. the treasury says production dropped to a 30-year low, and did not print any new 10s. it's a sign of the times. there are places where you can't use cash, think online shopping or airplane cart. >> if you're hoping for a
4:45 pm
raise, surveys show you'll get it. more on that and a foreclosure deal from a major mortgage servicer. mortgage servicers working to put their troubles behind them, telling us chase bank and three others are advanced talks to resolve state and federal claims over faulty foreclosures. there is a july 13th target date. and the settlement may exceed $20 billion. okay. on to markets now, green arrow as cross the board for major averages and just how much of a raise will you be getting this year? u.s. employees can expect a pay increase of 3% in 2012. that is business at the new york stock exchange. >> and when you think of gamers you probably think of teen-age boyds but a survey by the entertainment software
4:46 pm
association puts the age at 37. and shows more than half of the people playing a lot of video games are between 18-49 that. is the age bracket for people who grew up with atari. >> actor hugh grant says he's not proud of his country. his connection to tabloids that hacked into a missing girl's cell phone, ahead. >> and traveling overseas could be full of hidden fees. and 7 on your side is up next. >> and the life long shovel enthusists chosen to tweet about the final mission.
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there is a major train derailment in central indiana now. you can see cars here at the lower half of the screen just buckled off the tracks. this is a freight train.
4:50 pm
several cars as you can see off the tracks, teams are there, and despite this trouble here, no reports of any injuries. >> and when traveling overseas knowing the best way to pay can save you a lot of money and before you use your cards, you need to do your research. and michael fin gee here now to sort it out for use there are tricks you may not have thought about. planning ahead so you don't pay unnecessary fees or get gouged on straits. but there are other vat jis, too. >> there is a european vacation, enjoying sights and buying souvenirs. >> you can get blindside bid foreign transaction fee many companies charge in overseas purchases. and can add up. >> there are car was no foreign fees, including capitol one, hsbc, and the
4:51 pm
american express platinum card. be aware in places like gas stations your card may be rejected no matter which card you use. >> american credit cards aren't always accepted you and may need to pay cash in smaller stops. >> to get currency, your best strategy is go a bank atm and use your debit card. you may get a better rate. >> be prepared before you use a european atm. most key pads don't have qlerts on them. memorize your pin number before gou. >> and there is a good idea to tell your bank where you'll be. that way, they won't expect
4:52 pm
your card has been stolen. be sure they charge new local sur rensy. and their rate may not be the normal. >> one final check of the cooling forecast. >> and there is a draw matic time lapse view looking over lake tahoe. thunderstorms developing there this afternoon. there are storms in the area, and there is a powerful storms points northward. tomorrow more thunderstorms developing in the sierra. and there will be warm again to, hot. highs of 9 tomorrow, 104 in fresno. and there is closer to the
4:53 pm
coast and on the coast, 74 in big sur tomorrow. 74 will be the san diego, sunny skies inland, will be warm and there is fog along the coast, again. there is some low 90s inland. and there is some low to mid 9 ows in clear lake z farther south there are highs of 70 in watsonville and warmer inland. there is our accu-weather forecast. i'll step back and it's warm inland and there is low to mid-90s. and there is gradually cooler weather. so over the weekend, into
4:54 pm
wednesday, we'll see highs only into mid-80s, low to mid-70s around the bay. and this is the cooling we've been talking about. and this is finally showing up. >> actor hugh grant says he's been called as a witness in a tabloid phone hacking scandal. >> they're accused of hacking into voice mail. >> police believe the hacker deleted messages on the dead girl's phone giving false hope she was still alive. they've been accused of hacking phones of celebrities. >> when you realize how much collusion has been from the police and how much from our lawmakers from our government, who need these tabloids to get elected, you start to think... i'm not proud of my country anymore this, is not democracy
4:55 pm
i thought i was proud oof police are also looking into possibility of bribery of officers by people working for the newspaper's parent company. >> you have no doubt seen plenty of video of the floor u.s. house and senate z there is this afternoon, abc takes us inside of the rarely seen underground world of the building. deep within the elegant symbol of american democracy lies a largely unseen world. sheer what most people see. gleaming marble. a massive dome. a statue, but there is another side. deep underneath. linking to the house and senate office buildings is a dizzying maze of underground corridor was the aura of a 50s bomb shelter, staffers do much of the work that gets done. gritty bowels of the capitol.
4:56 pm
6,000 staffers work for the senate, most in their ows, racing around. senate historian says most are answering an ever-expanding array. >> the representatives and everybody has the right of way. >> the hill grew crowded. >> i came here into 1970s and someone had a converted bathroom. putting a desk into a bathroom. >> these days, space is more limited. lobbyists paying young stud dwronts line up for a seat at dawn so they don't have to. so more, and more, has been pushed into the basement. >> this is where they live. >> there are coffee shops and
4:57 pm
windowless dunkins. it's not pretty but there is what for many is the real capitol. >> and that is a very different view it hasn't changed much. really. >> doesn't look like it has. >> thanks for joining us. for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> and the news at 5:00 continues now. >> restaurant security video may have capture aid person behind the picasso heist. tonight the fbi is on the case. >> the government's plan to roll back home loan limits and how it will cut into the housing market. >> and there are local family members about to be joined at sea with an update on the search. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> major vemments tonight in
4:58 pm
the theft of a valuable painting from a san francisco gallery. >> it's a picasso swiped off the gallery wall. just released video shows the suspected thief in action. there he is, walking down the street with a picasso drawing worth about 200,000 tsdz. we're live with another major break. >> this is like stealing history. and it could be a federal crime. that is why they're joining police in the investigation into the theft by that man that you saw in that surveillance video. that investigation may be helped by this camera, up here above lefty odole's. this is likely the suspect according to police. he matches the description of the man who got away with the drawing right down to the loafer was out socks. that frame under his arm is the same size as the stolen art.
4:59 pm
this video is from a camera. the owner says it took only 10 minutes to find video of the man. >> time frame is 11:40 the call was made this, is 11:35. and so this is obvious. >> police say it could lead to capture and return of the art. >> it does help out a lot. any video is out there it's help tofl try to make an identity on the suspect. the stolen drawing is the picasso's head of woman done in 1965, and its worth at least $200,000 nchl a bold, brazen move, the suspect walked into the gallery before noon, took the work and walked out. and he took off.

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